Our goal is to capture the cleanest, most beautiful and cinematic image possible. We will pay close attention to camera placement and movement, shot composition, shot size, depth of field, maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and focus.

Perhaps the most important component of a cinematic image is lighting, which allows us to bring a space to life by adding shape and dimension, creating mood and atmosphere, and focusing attention.

Sound Recording

Sound is at least as important as any image onscreen and it requires just as much attention. Bad audio is the quickest way to lose your audience, which is why special consideration must be given to microphone selection, mic placement, sound recording and monitoring equipment. Indoor spaces may benefit from acoustic treatment while outdoor recordings have their own requirements. The goal is always to record the cleanest, most natural and balanced desired sound while minimizing or eliminating unwanted sounds.


All of the media captured or acquired during pre-production and production is imported into nonlinear editing software. Audio and video files are synced and carefully reviewed, marked and organized. Clips are diligently assembled into a sequence with special attention paid to rhythm and pacing. The sequence is trimmed, refined and finessed until we have a story that is interesting and engaging. We can provide subtitles, captions and transcripts —valuable for hearing impaired viewers and great for SEO.

Color Correcting & Grading

Color correction is the process of making global adjustments like setting tonal range and color. Using waveforms and a vectorscope as a guide we’ll adjust contrast, exposure, saturation and white balance until all of the footage looks natural and consistent. However, we can take things much further. Color grading is the delicate process of manipulating color to create atmosphere and mood, to add depth and dimension to a scene, to draw the eye to an important element, to help make an image look more “cinematic.”

Motion Design

Nearly every video we produce involves some level of motion design, also known as motion graphics. From simple to complex —icons and logos that spring to life, titles and lower thirds that elegantly slide across the screen, custom effects and transitions, infographics, animated characters, even 3D objects with lights and shadows— motion design adds energy and visual interest to the information being presented.

Original Music

Music adds an entirely new dimension. The right music track adds new layers of depth and heightens emotions. We can search through any number of stock music libraries, or our talented and versatile composers can write music specifically for your video, uniquely identifying your brand. Before you get too excited to use a song from your favorite artist know that obtaining the licensing rights for a commercial music track is often prohibitively expensive. If you choose to use the track any way and post the video online it will be flagged and removed.

Sound Design & Mixing

Sound design is the process of finding or recording sounds and carefully layering them together to create a sonic environment that complements the image. This often includes room tone and ambience, foley sounds and sound effects. Of course, we need to make sure the audience can hear everything (nobody likes straining to hear dialogue). This is where sound mixing comes in. All dialogue, voiceover, sound effects, ambience and music are carefully mixed relative to each other and at levels appropriate for the target destination.

Our sound mixes are in accordance with the latest LUFS standard, a much more accurate measurement of loudness based on human perception, so you can be sure that all of your online deliverables will be smooth and consistent and that none of your broadcast deliverables are rejected by the network.