Cinematographer | Editor | Colorist

Company: Petrou Eye Care
Project: High Style Optical Boutique

We produced this video for Petrou Eye Care to showcase their high quality, stylish optical boutique.

Videography | Editing | Motion Design

Company: Infinite Motion Control
Project: Pallet-to-Pallet Automation

We produced this industrial video for Infinite Motion Control, Inc. in Cedarburg, WI to showcase three key pieces of state of the art equipment developed by their engineering team. The company needed a series of videos produced to showcase their expertise and cutting edge technology to present to their partners and attract potential buyers.

Editing | Motion Design

Company: Essential Tennis
Project: Racquet Throw

We edited and animated this fun promotional video for Essential Tennis, the world’s largest online tennis training company. This follows the path of a VIP student who traveled from out of town to experience their unique coaching process after watching video content on their YouTube channel and immediately seeing improvements in his game.

Editing | Motion Design

Company: The Kondracki Group
Project: Zacros Food & Beverage

We edited and animated this Zacros trade show video for The Kondracki Group. The goal was to present the unique features of Zacros packaging products, such as self-standing pouches and easy open pouches, and to highlight some of their custom options such as advanced printing capabilities, specialty finishes and films.

Editing | Motion Design

Company: Dean Group Media
Project: Honeywell Multisite

We edited and animated this Honeywell Multisite video for Dean Group Media.

Videography | Editing | Motion Design

Company: DCI-Artform
Project: Scion Pure Process+ App

We shot, edited and animated this Scion Pure Process+ training video for DCI-Artform.